Removing accidental commitments

It happens. Hopefully not very often, but accidental commits do happen in GIT.

They are rare enough that we can completely forget how to handle them. So, let's make a little note here of what was just done:

There were only 2 files being intensely revised, so let's make a backup copy of the most recent work:

$ cp file1 ~/safe/
$ cp file2 ~/safe/

reviewing the recent commits we can see where the mistake was made:

$ git log --oneline

the last state before the bad commit was a46e701, so we reset our local repo:

$ git reset --hard a46e701

finally, we push the changes to the remote branch:

$ git push origin HEAD:some_branch --force

and history has been erased!

copy the files back to the working directory and continue coding as if nothing had ever happened!

Now to tidy up our local copy:

$ git checkout some_branch
$ git reset --hard origin/some_branch