Revisting Android Development

I recently had the opportunity to return to Android application development (after a break of almost 4 years) with some new friends while studying the software development process. Android development was not the focus of this exercise, the application was merely one of the artifacts produced.


I had completely forgotten how verbose Java is! However, I was very glad to see that JUnit is around to keep the testing goat happy... No, wait. The testing goat is from Python.

Anyways, it's fun to stay up to speed with different languages and frameworks - especially when you don't have to re-learn it all from scratch on your own.

Here are a few things that I found to be handy while I was working:

$ rm -rf ~/.android/avd/emulatorNameIWantToDelete.*

or however you might feel comfortable navigating to a hidden directory and deleting something. It came in handy when I had a virtual device that always thought it was still running.

$ git remote add upstream
$ git fetch upstream
$ git checkout master
$ git merge upstream/master

This was mostly from the github docs, which are excellent.

The handy type check that is available to us in Python is a little more verbose in Java:


Today I was asked why I ended all my lines with semi-colons - ehh... I have been writing Java.